Vol 3 (2001)

Virologies: Culture and Contamination

Edited by Dave Boothroyd and Diane Morgan

Table of Contents


Culture Machine
Internal Resonance, or Three Steps Towards a Non-Viral Becoming HTML
Mark Hansen
Poesis, Autopoesis, Autopoethics HTML
Ed Cohen
Transcendental Philosophy and Artificial Life HTML
Gary Banham
Spatialized MagnoMemories (feminist poetics of the machine) HTML
Mary Flanagan
Nanotechnology! (or SimLifeWorld) HTML
Sandy Baldwin
Believing in the Disease: Virologies and Memetics as Models of Power Relations in Contemporary Science Fiction HTML
Jesse Cohn
Panoptic Technologies and Machinic Becomings HTML
Alex Reid
carrier becoming symborg HTML
Melinda Rackham
The Face: What a Horror HTML
Grayson Cooke
Lacerations: The Visible Human Project, Impossible Anatomies, and the Loss of Corporeal Comprehension HTML
Eugene Thacker